Our Business

We manufacture custom-made brush holders for electric motors and relative accessories: SCEP joins industrial precision and an artisan's attention to detail.

SCEP has been manufacturing brush holders for all models of electric motor, including slip-ring equipped types, since 1987.

The entire process is customized to project specifications, measurements- and materials-wise, from the most basic like iron, brass, nylon and ryton, to any particular material specific application conditions may require.

SCEP’s internal tooling department makes it possible to manufacture cutting dies and casting molds to exact project specifications, so that customers are never forced to accept a compromise and use a standard component, which may even lead to a project modification in order to fit the standard pieces.

Each and any job here at SCEP is custom-made, with an artisan’s attention to detail – but with industrial speed and production capabilities.

To complete our offer to the customers, finally, SCEP internally manufactures a range of accessories connected to our base product, and thus aimed at being used in electric motor production, such as cooling fans, caps, and heads – all of them, of course, custom-made according to customer technical specifications.

Trust us for the manufacture of custom-made brush holders for your electric motors!

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