Our Company

Three decades on the market, one precise goal: manufacturing the electric motor brush holders you really need – whichever they are!

SCEP has been an active company in the brush holder market since 1987, but it was built on a competence and knowledge base dating far earlier, to the Fifties. And in a market where basic technical competence is rightly taken for granted, and manufacturing products of absolute quality isn’t an achievement but a basic duty, we believe that long time in the market is what allows us to give you something more. Why? Because during our long activity we’ve learned how to integrate our offer to make life simpler and more productive for our customers:
 • manufacturing specifically for them, internally and in addition to our core product, a series of custom-made accessories, such as caps, fronts, and cooling fans, to make their purchasing process faster and easier;
 • scheduling production and delivery times together with the customers, by mangaing long-term program orders as well as immediate urgencies, to assist companies in every possible way for any changing needs;
 • and gearing up to be able to process orders of vastly different sizes, from a few hundred to tens of thousands pieces, to allow our customers to use our quality components in projects of every size.

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