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Cookie disclaimer according to European Law

    A cookie is a file that is donwloaded into an internet navigation device (such as a pc, tablet, smartphone and similar devices) upon access to a web page or application like ours. Cookies allow for memorization and retriva of information on various topics, from the user’s navigation habits to recognizing whether he has previously registered to a site in order to recognize him as a customer. Information that can be obtained pertains to the number of visited pages, to language, to access location, to the number of new users, to frequency and repetition of visits, to duration of visits, and to the browser or type of device being used to connect.


    Technical and session cookies:
    This kind of cookie is necessary for correct functionailty of some parts of this website. They are divided in persistent cookies and session cookies. Persisten cookies remain until a set date even when the browser is closed, while session cookies are destroyed as soon as the browser is closed. Since the website may not function correctly, totally or in part, in their absence, these cookies are always employed, user preferences notwithstanding.
    Such cookies are always sent from our domain.

    Listo f employed cookies:
    _utma / _utmz / _ga / _gat
    Cookies used by third-party service Google analitycs. Exclusively used to identify the users visiting the website (contains identifiers).

Cookies used by third-party service Shynistat. Exclusively used to identify the users  visiting the website; they are previously anonimized.

Cookies used by ASP.NET to track a session.

Profiling cookies:
ProfiIing cookies create a profile on specific users and are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences the user has shown during his web navigation. They are perceived as more invasive of a user’s private sphere, and thus italian and european law requires that users are adequately informed on the use of such cookies in order to express valid consent, as per art. 122 of the Privacy Code where it states “archival of information on the device of a user, or access to already archived information, are only allowed on the condition that the buyer or user has espresse consent after being informed according to the simplified rules found in art.3, Comma 3 of the Privacy Code.″ .
This website does not make use of profiling cookies, but there are third-party services, such as specific plug-ins or sharing functionalities, which may. For more information we suggest to read the following paragraph on third-party cookies, and obtain direct information on the relative usage policies.


Third-party Cookies:

Third-party analysis services Cookies
These cookies anonimously collect information regarding the use of the website by the users: visited pages, visit time, origin of incoming traffic, geographical location, age, gender, and interests, in order to allow for implementation of marketing campaigns. Such cookies are sent by third-party domains, and thus external to this Website.

Cookies to integrate third-party products and functions
These cookies allow for integration of third-party functionality within the pages of this Website, such as the possibilità of ex pressing preference or sharing content on social networks, or using third-party software services (such as map-generation software). These cookies are sent by third-party domains and partner sites which offer their functionalities on the Website pages.

Source: Google Youtube

Cookies: GEUP (duration 2 years), PREF (duration 8 months),  VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE (duration 8 months), YSC (duration current session)

Fonte: Google Google Maps
Cokies: PREF (duration 2 years), NID (duration 6 months)

    Run Chrome Browser
    Click on the menu in the browser toolbar, beside the url input window
    Select Settings
    Click on Show Advanced Settings
    In “Privacy” Click on “Content Settings“
    In “Cookies” the following cookie-related settings may be modified:
    Allow for local data storage
    Only modify local data until the browser is closed
    Block sites from setting up cookies
    Block third-party cookies and website data
    Manage exceptions for specific internet websites
    Delete one or all cookies

    For more information, visit the dedicated page.

    Mozilla Firefox
    Run Mozilla Firefox Browser
    Click on the menu in the browser toolbar, beside the url input window
    Select Settings
    Select the Privacy Panel
    Click on Show Advanced Settings
    In “Privacy” Click on “Content Settings“
    In “Tracking” è the following cookie-related settings may be modified:
    Require sites to effect no tracking
    Inform sites of willingness to be tracked
    Communicate no preference regarding tracking of personal data

In “Chronology”, the following actions are possible:
By enabling “Use custom settings”, user may select for third-party cookies to be accepted (always, from most visited websites, or never) and stored for a limited time (until expiry, until Firefox is closed, or ask every time.)
Specific stored cookies may be deleted

For more information, visit the dedicated page.

Internet Explorer
Run  Internet Explorer Browser
Click on Tools and choose Internet Options
Click on Privacy tab and in “Settings” modify the slider according to the destre cookie behavior:
Block all Cookies
Allow all Cookies
To Select the websites from which cookies can be obtained, move the cursor in an intermediate position so that cookies are not entirely blocked nor accepted, then click Websites, input a URL in the URL box, and click Block or Allow.

For more information, visit the dedicated page.

Run Safari Browser
Click on Safari, select Preferences, click on Privacy
In “Block cookies” specify how Safari must accept cookies from internet websites.
Click on Details to view which websites have stored cookies.

For more information, visit the dedicated page.

Safari iOS (mobile devices)
Run Safari iOS Browser
Tap Settings, then tap Safari
Tap “Block Cookies” and choose among  “Never”, “Third-party and advertisers” or “Always”
TO delete all Cookies stored by Safari, tap Settings, then tap Safari, and finally tap “Delete Cookies and data”.

For more information, visit the dedicated page.



Run opera Browser
Click on Preferences, then Advanced, then Cookies
Select one of the following options:
Accept all cookies
Only accept Cookies from the website currently being visited; third-party cookies and cookies being sent from a different domain than the one being visited will be refused
Never accept cookies: cookies will never be stored

For more information, visit the dedicated page.

How to disable third-party service cookies

Google services



Google’s privacy policy




Tool to disable google analytics on local browser:

Link to disable Shynistat on local browser:

This page can be reached through a link in the footer of all pages of this Website, according to art. 122, Comma 2 of the D.lgs. 196/2003 and according to the simplified rules for information and consent for cookie use as published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale issue n.126 dated june 3rd 2014, and relative register n.229 dated may 8th 2014.

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