Cooling Fans For Electric Motors

Moulding and manufacture of custom-made cooling fans for electric motor for any specific application.

Cooling fans are essential components in electric motors, as they guarantee duration and correct operation of the device over time. In all electric devices, operation constantly generates heat, and the dispersal of such heat – which cooling fans most often provide in electric motors – is required to ensure no damage or malfunctions arise in the various operating components of the motor itself.

Cooling fans for electric motors actually prevent very serious hazards to the integrity and operating life of the motors themselves. Excessive heat, when not correctly dispersed, may cause thermal dilation leading to a warping of the engine itself which will compromise its strict tolerances and negatively affect its performance, up to the point of totally hindering its operation. That aside, cooling fans prevent heat buildup in electric motors which might prematurely wear insulation off, cause serious damage.

SCEP manufactures and moulds nylon cooling fans for electric motors, using self-extinguishing nylon upon request; size and shape of every fan can be selected by the custode in our wide range of standard models, or a custom design can be prepared if desired.

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