Custom Plastic Moulding

Custom plastic moulding: from nylon to ABS, any piece a project may require becomes a reality – perfect in every detail.

Custom plastic moulding can prove to be a service of huge utility, in the current industry scenery which is characterized by material formulations that can guarantee extremely high performance values. SCEP can mould plastics in its in-house tool-shop, thanks to its specialized machines and experienced operators, to manufacture a vast range of unique pieces.

SCEP moulds a large set of plastics: besides classic Nylon and ABS, we also produce custom pieces in Ryton and self-extinguishing Rynite.  This allows us to manufacture both the component  we normally sell to our customers, such as fronts and covers, and custom-designed pieces, which are completely manufactured in-house.

A few examples? Through moulding the best-suited plastic materials, we’ve manufactured:

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