Fronts For Electrical Windings

Moulding and manufacture of fronts for electrical windings, in standard or custom sizes and shapes.

Fronts for electrical windings are an essential component when building an electric motor. The heart of these kind of motors is the copper winding found on the rotor, against which the carbon brushes rub ; within electrical windings, fronts have the purpose of holding the skein of conductive copper wire which is wound upon them.

In order to fulfill such an important function, fronts for electrical windings must of course be moulded of materials capable of offering top performance over time; for this reason, besides using standard and self-extinguishing nylon, SCEP moulds fronts for electric windings in RyniteTM, a type of plastic specifically developed for best results. RyniteTM  offers excellent rigidity, size stability, and resistance  even on reduced thicknesses and at above average operating temperatures, enough to advantageously compare to thermosetting plastics or diecast metals.

Thanks to our in-house tool-shop, SCEP can offer fronts for electrical windings not only in standard sizes and shapes, but also with any custom modification the custode may require to tackle specific projects.

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