Custom-made electric motor brush holders, in all possible variants in model and materials:
SCEP gives energy to your motors!

Our civilization is powered by electricity, and as it often happens, there is one tiny but essential item to thank for the thousands of electric motors which power all kinds of machinery: the brush holder. SCEP manufactures custom-made brush holders for slip-ring electric motors of all models and specifications, built of both standard materials like ryton and brass and special ones, like particular metals and fireproof plastics for specific applications. Besides this core business, SCEP also manufactures accessories for electric motors, custom-made to specific customer requests, such as cooling fans, caps, and fronts, to simplify and streamline our customers’ purchasing procedures. With thirty years in the field, and a customer base covering all of Italy and several European Countries, SCEP is the partner that electric motor manufacturers like you were looking for to purchase components from. Made to measure, high-quality, reasonably priced: your motors deserve our brush holders! Find out now how SCEP can help you place custom-made brush holders in your motors to ensure better functioning!

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